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About Me

RyceYanez has shot thousands of photographs for actors, models, corporate, musicians as well as clothing, food and products. There’s tons of photographers in theTexas area with new ones popping up everyday. How do you know which photographer is going to fulfill your budget, needs and most importantly do what a brilliant photo is supposed to do: allow people to see you for who you truly are.

How do you determine whether or not a specific photographer is the right fit for you? Some photographers charge up to $1000 for a headshot session – they can typically get away with this due to being around for decades of time and having celebrities that have gone on to make it. The truth of it all is that when you shoot thousands of actors for 20 years, there’s bound to be a few that make it to celebrity status. There’s no doubt whether or not those photographers are experienced or not. On the other hand, there are newer photographers that charge only $99 for a photo session and offer a number of deals. These photographers generally are hoping to make a name for themselves by providing photography sessions at low cost. However it is important to remember that new photographers will lack the experience (such as shooting men and women of different skin tones and knowing how to compensate lighting, understanding actor’s typecast, etc) which can only be attained by simply photographing thousands of people day in and day out. Investing in your headshots now can give you the greatest return on your investment in the future: a successful career.