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I want you to think about what you want and what you want to wear, but when you show up... let all that go! We will get the shots you need; there is no question about that. Nobody is looking at your headshot longer than you. The best headshots are the ones that make an impression within 10 seconds because that’s about how long it’s going to be looked at by most people and at this point your headshot may have been looked at for all of about 20 minutes total - if even that much. Your headshot needs to represent you - who you are right now - so embrace who you are right now and be grounded in that. If you are unhappy with your hair or your weight, or whatever else might bother you, you can always change those things later but right now, in this moment, you are who you are. What most people are looking for is the confident in who they are right now, plain and simple. The best way to approach this is to let it all go, sit down, and let me take your picture. In a way you have to just not care.